Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two More Great Tohoku Tsunami Videos

The past few days I have come across a couple of more incredible videos of the Great Tohoku Tsunami earlier this year which I had not previously viewed. These two are in the same order of magnitude of those in my Top Ten Most Dramatic Tohoku Tsunami Videos column last Spring.

This first video features an impressive tsunami wall getting spectacularly overtopped not once but twice. The wall appears to be about 30-40 feet high putting the tsunami maximum run-up in this located at 50 foot high or more.Watch how rapidly the little harbor fills up in front of the tsunami wall and then pours over it.

This second video shows the tsunami barreling into a town and folks running for their lives as the tsunami nips at their feet. At one point early on one can see an old man fail to make it to safety and get cut off only to have his place of refuge against a wall disappear as the structure whose wall he was taking refuge gets swept away and the old man with it.

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