Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roxxfoxx ~ A Blog of Note

My friend Lin Kerns has started a new geology-focused blog entitled Roxxfoxx. Although this wonderful blog has only one post entitled "Paricutin and the Captain From Castile" as of this writing that very first post is remarkable. It reveals a previously unknown-to-me  movie-making side-story from the Golden Age of Hollywood as well as some images of an erupting Paricutin volcano which I had not seen before and how in the year 1947 the story of eruption of Paricutin crossed paths with the making of a little-known Hollywood movie entitled "The Captain From Castile" about the conquistador Hernan Cortez. and his fateful meanderings through Mexico. Eclectic Arcania provides a link to Roxxfoxx  in the "Kimmer's Favorite Blogs" list.


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  1. Many many thanks, Kim. After spending the past few days with a new kitten in the household, things are settling down to where I can return to my blogs. Already scanned the next lot of pics for this blog and I should have them up by tomorrow. What's it about? The San Cristianitos Fault. Way cool.

    Again, thank you my dear friend and God bless!