Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Are Liberals Inherently Racist?

One of my white, female, knee-jerk Liberal acquaintances on Facebook posted the graphic below on her Wall which I found just a short time ago. Upon seeing it I was amazed and stupefied by its contents from start to finish. This is so rich that it seems almost cartooonishly Onion-esque... but it's fer realz! In its caption below I respond to its contents.

"Genetically-inherited ignorance and racism"? WOW, what could be more racist than that? How is that any less racist than the Bell Curve or suggestions that black people are genetically predisposed to crime generally and/or sexual aggression on white females specifically? If this doesn't confirm and conform to the concept of perception-as-reality I can't imagine what could.  "Smartest" president? Smarter than Bill Clinton? I trow not! "Overwhelmingly loved" by what majority? Talk about a Liberal wet dream! Whoever wrote this was smoking crack. That is simply not supported by any reasonable approximation of reality. Obama is not our first African-American president... he's our first self-identifying African-American president but grew up white (his friends knew him as "Barry") and then when he decided to re-brand himself for political reasons he was such an Oreo that in order to acquire Honorary Blackness he had to attend an Angry Black Church for 20 years and be pastored by its racist pastor who also presided over the ceremony for his marriage to his racist wife. It is also self-aggrandizing racism to suggest that to deign to disagree with this insidious man is somehow inherently racist... but I suppose that since Liberals can't win on the facts they have to play the race card which they invariably end up chronically doing since they can't win most debates on the facts anyway.


  1. An Oreo? Really? Could you PLEASE get a teensy bit more racist than that? I need more fuel to burn you racist tea party members with. PLEASE CONTINUE.

  2. Given the expression comes from the black American vernacular and refers specifically to people like Barry Obama before his rebranding himself are you there suggesting that black Americans who coined the expression and have used it over the years are racist as a group?You are a typical Liberal self-righteous, sanctimonious candy-ass. Per American Liberalism, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck we can't call it a duck because it might offend someone. However, you people, and by "you people" you know to whom I refer (white Liberals) are rather selective in who you are concerned about offending because you are just about the most offensive grouping of humanity walking this planet. You are also some of the most simpleminded people to do so. Of many deficiencies in your thinking, one of the most prominent is your assumption that anybody who deigns to not walk in ideological lockstep with you and your fellow sheeple must necessarily be a Conservative, or worse still, a dreaded Teabagger. Derp!

  3. Additionally, Anonymous #1, I refer you back to my closing sentence of my original post where I stated ".... I suppose that since Liberals can't win on the facts they have to play the race card which they invariably end up chronically doing since they can't win most debates on the facts anyway." Your comments further prove it; you were unable to challenge the facts presented in my original posting thus you did what I say you people do which is shamelessly play the race card at every turn even where facts and logic don't follow. AND you are seemingly not offended by the very real racism I pointed out hence you verify you are incredibly arbitrary in what you find offensive and claim is racist. Have a swell day!

  4. Whee!! Let's keep the sparks flying. They have to land on some sanctimonious butts at some point.
    I've been commenting on the Republican 'promise' spoken by head Rep from either speaker of the house or senate at the time of the 2008 election.
    And YES the liberals and Republicans are very Racist and I've only heard what I heard ONE TIME, and that was after the 2012 election. This was on a news program where there was a 'friendly', claws out debate of sorts going on. This RACIST comment by a republican leader indicated that the Republicans in the House and Senate would sit on all the bills that should be returned to the Floor and they had no intention of passing any bill that President Obama sent them. Now, as strange as that seems, this same comment was made by the Rep. leaders after the 2012 election, and again on a news program on CNN within the past 2 months. Strange how that Racist statement was hushed almost as soon as spoken. Someone probably got paid some Hush Money.
    With all of that said while I jumped up and down thinking some very descriptive words I can't share with all of you, I am heartbroken and very embarresed of the USA as a nation that tells the rest of the world, "Do what I say and Not as I do". As hard as we, as a nation, for so many years worked to take the words Racism and Segregation out of the public view and, through blood, sweat and tears kept the words, but not the minds of this deplorable faction of Racists in our government. The rest of the world no longer has much Respect for the US and this is becoming more evident in the dealings with other countries, as well as from the people here.
    I find it hard to believe that our government is so blatantly Stupid and turns a blind eye to the fact that we can't continue to 'rest on our laurels' because there are none left.
    President Obama introduces bills and other things to try to jumpstart Congress as a whole to get off their rears and earn their pay. Congress refuses to admit they have no laurels to rest their butts on anymore either. The free ride is over. Do your job or hit the door.
    I believe we need Term Limits. If the Office of President can only serve 2 terms then what makes Congress so special that someone can make a life career out of it. Whether members could be elected to serve more than 2 terms doesn't fly. It should be Law, the same as the Office of President, and while we are on the subject, the same should be law for the Justices as well.

    Some members of the House and the Senate have been in office too long and have become too powerful for their nation's own good. When personal power becomes more important than the People you serve, then it becomes a bomb with a short fuse.

    Personally, I like and admire President Obama and worked on his behalf for both elections. He is in 'virgin' territory, and it's been a hard road to hoe, but he has the strength to do it and I am very proud of him. He makes Racists uncomfortable and he should. Their boats need to be sunk so, they too, will have to experience that same 'virgin' territory.

    OK, down off my band wagon I get.....