Sunday, February 9, 2014

Breaking Bad Look Back

I do believe that I have somehow neglected to share with you my utter addiction to the legendary television series Breaking Bad which ended last year on AMC. I was late to the game when my friend/neighbor/landlord/nemesis Mark Wiberg convinced me to watch this show I had seen advertisements for since it first aired and utterly hated based upon the basic premise of the show. How wrong I was and how fortunately I am to have crammed through the series in a matter of several weeks just in time for the series finale last Fall. I now own the series on DVD and still think about it. In another posting here later I will share with you why I feel the show is so wonderful and indeed, important.

For those of you who lurk or prowl (or rampage if you're like me) on Facebook you have surely noticed by now these new "look back" videos which using various algorithms automatedly determine one's most important posts and pictures and such and fabricate said videos which are about a minute long. In a tongue-in-cheek ode to Breaking Bad the following video was put together by Faceook to celebrate its 10th annversary. For more on this read HERE. Enjoy!

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