Thursday, February 27, 2014


Since I first heard "Ruhe" (Silence) by German electronica, trance, New-Age and world music wizard Schiller on the first Trance Allstars album Worldwide from 2000 I have been in love with it. I love the sumptuous sounds and beats of this track and what it says very much speaks to my heart and who I am at this point in my life. Below are the German lyrics you hear and their English translation.
"Das hochste Gluck auf Erden kommt
Sehr oft nur durch Einsamkeit in das Herz."

"Silence is the greatest joy on Earth
Very often comes into heart only because of loneliness"

Below the first player featuring the original and shortest version of this song are two remixes which are more suited to either those warnting to listen to dance tracks or whom are as addicted to this track as I am. The first remix is by Humate and is more of a chill-out version and which was featured in the second Trance Allstars album Synergy II in 2002 followed by the Ayla remix below that which is more danceable like the original version but is twice as long.

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