Monday, August 6, 2012

I Slept Through The Earthquake!

Last night (actually early this morning) we had our first Parkfield Quake (M4.5) since the 2004 M6.0 Parkfield Quake that was not an aftershock to that quake. This means we are back to normal out there as all through the 1990's we had quakes this size once every 2-3 years. Last night's event reminds us that segment of the fault continues to ramp up again for the next significant quake out there, be it a moderate quake like the ones in 2004, 1966, 1934, 1922, 1901 and 1881 or be it a great quake like the one in 1857 that is called the Fort Tejon Earthquake. That perhaps or perhaps not started as a moderate quake at Parkfield, CA, but then kept growing in size as the San Andreas Fault Zone ruptured well past just the southern end of the Parkfield segment and down into the Cholame Segment and beyond to the southeast well into the Southern Section of the fault zone all the way to roughly Wrightwood, CA. Had last night's event been of the 1857 variety most assuredly I would not have slept through it as I did last night. This morning I awoke earlier than normal having gone to sleep last night earlier than normal and found that I had missed phone calls from my mother and neighbor whom left me messages regarding the quake as well as one text message from a friend regarding it. I love earthquakes and enjoy feeling them provided they are not scary and do not hurt me (both of which happened to me in regards to the 2003 M6.5 San Simeon Earthquake which hit Paso Robles (where I currently live) the hardest of all killing two women amongst other woeful things). At this time (7AM) I am seriously considering driving out to Parkfield this morning and revisiting the place as I have not been out there in a couple of years it seems to me. I used to go out there and eat at the Parkfield Cafe on a regular basis in the late 1990's and early 2000's and even a bit into the mid-2000's. Perhaps it is time for me to renew my acquaintance with the place. Note: later in the morning I proceeded to go on a Post-Quake Parkfield Jaunt.


  1. Oh, do go to Parkfield, and then, traipse on down to the Carrizo Plain. LOL Okay. I'm living vicariously now, so I'll stop and go back to other duties. Sigh.

  2. I did not feel it and I live 5-10 minutes from there. Near hwy 46.