Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vagina Stones Revisited

I am in the process of shipping a USPS flat rate box of conchas (chalcedony roses) from New Mexico to my friend Ben Halpin of Halpin's Rocks up in Chico, CA. I acquired them from Charlotte Gastineau of Saugus, CA, at last weekend's Nipomo rock show. Charlotte and her husband collect them on an almost yearly basis from a volcanic deposit in Western New Mexico near the Arizona border.

A year ago yesterday I posted A Vagina Stone Monologue on this blog in regards to the visual and structural similarities between this beautiful and odd form of chalcedony and that most beautiful and mysterious part of a woman's anatomy that has oft throughout history been compared to in some floral analogy or another and continues to be thus referred. In seeing these beauties and whilst handling them it has been impossible for me to not make that connection myself. As I prepared Ben's order this morning I put out a few for display in the sunlight for your edification. 

Both photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).


  1. Coming from a female perspective, hmmmm... they look more like malformed, rejected pieces of lifesavers.

  2. You just had to say that and create that ugly mental image... I will continue to daydream of conchas and vaginas.

  3. Amazingly enough, considering the often low perspective of my mind, I never made that connection Kim. Of course, now I will never be able to think of them as anything else, lol!