Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kameron's Birthday Bonfire

My friend Kameron turns 19 tomorrow and elected to celebrate his birthday with a beach bonfire at Cayucos with those friends of his whose schedules allowed. I had the honor of being a part of this celebration and below is my record of what transpired this past afternoon and evening. Note: I bare witness there was NO underage alcohol consumption or use of recreational pharmaceuticals at this event.

Cayucos State Beach at Cayucos Creek Inlet. This is the beach where we bivouacked for Kameron's bonfire.
Cayucos Pier at left and Morro Rock in the distance to the right of it.
The town of Cayucos, CA, showing the pier and Vet's Hall and a crowd of Mormons conducting a youth event.
Kameron's bonfire constructed by your's truly and ready to go.
The bonfire having just been lit and my little dog Tequila chillaxin' with her daddy.
The bonfire now fully-involved and we're grilling our friend Blake Burgess upon it.
The bonfire having burnt down a bit was now ready for cooking hot dogs. Note Tequila guarding her doggy bed.
The cute couple: Krystal Marie "The Squealer" Sprague and Blake "Mad Dog" Burgess
A second couple showed up (Brittany Wolfe and Lonnan McIntyre) and joined our party a bit later.
The other bonfire added to the ambience at this beach this night.
I surprised everybody with some flash just to check everybody was behaving.
Kameron received four thumbs up while I avoided any middle fingers.
Kameron holding court at his birthday bonfire.
I hate photos of myself but Kameron made me pose for this and who was I to deny the birthday boy.
A self-portrait by Kameron.
Say "hermaphrodite" and Krystal will involuntarily squeal for you.
Artistic image #1: no editing was done to this.
Artistic image #2: again, no editing here.
Artistic image #3: bonfire burning down.
All photos (but two by Kameron McMeekin) by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).


  1. Damn. I took that pic of myself randomly and quickly. I look creepy

  2. You look creepy no matter who takes the photograph!