Thursday, September 13, 2012

21st Annual Rockhound Roundup - Chalking Day

This morning was chalking day for the Santa Lucia Rockhounds in preparation for this weekend's 21st Annual Rockhound Roundup Rock, Gem, Mineral & Jewelry Show at Pioneer Park and the adjacent Pioneer Museum in Paso Robles, CA, this coming weekend. Esteemed members Frank Imhoof and Cliff Brewen chalked out the layout of our show. It was done on this morning as tomorrow morning early bird dealer will already be showing up and would thus in the way of any efforts to carry out this essential task.

As chairman of this year's show I was there to oversee the tasks of the day which included getting our new walkie-talkie system synced and remind the city (again) to turn the water off which did not happen up through today (despite our diligent navigation of city bureaucracy to see this done) and thus the sprinklers had wetted the park grounds which need to be dry during the show period starting tomorrow which is set-up. We can now only hope the ground dries out enough to avoid a muddy morass. I also had some branch-clipping duties as some limbs were growing way too low for the good of the dealers and our show visitors.
Frank and Cliff measuring various boundary points for marking.
Next step is making the aforementioned boundary marks. That's Frank spray-painting city property.
With the chalking completed that's Frank pushing the chalker back to the adjacent Pioneer Museum with Cliff Brewen and past-president Richard Smithen ambling behind. Note the orange paint highlighting the location of tripping-capable roots at the base of the tree at center. We were chalking (and on occasion spray-painting) city property right and left!
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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