Monday, September 24, 2012

A Utah Trip In Nine Frames

The following images I captured over the course of my trip to Utah the past six days which saw me helping my friend Dave in his Rocks & Relics booth at Gem Faire in the Salt Lake City, Utah, area. This just past day started in the middle of last night when we hit the road after a short night's rest in Lehi, UT. Following a 14-hour drive home I attended a two-hour math class tonight at Cuesta College. As one might imagine I am a bit out of sorts but incredibly grateful to be home and that all went well for me throughout both on the road and on the home front. Actually, I feel rather euphoric tonight I am so happy to be home after a rather grueling work trip. The images below were taken over the course of the entire trip and are shown in the order in which they were taken.

This legendary tourist trap in Baker, CA, is more Hellenistic Mexican than genuine Greek.
Kim of Utah - I experienced a Kim Konvergence once again at this show.
Smokey sunset as seen from the valet parking area of the downtown Salt Lake City Hilton Hotel at which we lodged.
The source of all this smoke were all the forest fires in neighboring Idaho. This smoke has plagued the region for many days recently.
As we dined on the streetside at Cucina Toscana one evening an SUV pulled up adjacent to the restaurant having just caught fire within the engine compartment. Restaurant patrons and staff quickly stabilized the matter including your's truly. Shortly thereafter, SLC Engine #2 arrived having been called by the hysterical driver of the auto. Damage was minor but the vehicle had to be towed.
Pocket-sized chihuahua functioning as a "babe-magnet" for this happily married UVU science professor.
Sunrise this morning as seen from along side Interstate-15 approaching Cedar City, UT.
The latest view of one of the heliostat receiving towers being built in Primm Valley.  For more info on this check HERE.
Dust storm kicking up in the dry lake bed below Calico Ghost Town outside Barstow, CA.

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