Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Voice Now Travels The Cosmos

Today in my capacity as chairman of this year's 21st Annual Rockhounds Roundup gem, mineral, and jewelry show in Paso Robles I had the honor of appearing with Santa Lucia Rockhounds past-president Richard Smithen on 1230AM KPRL's "Sound Off" radio program with Dan Del Campo. Our primary purpose was to promote our show and secondarily promote interest in minerals and fossils and geology and the earth sciences in general and more broadly an interest in science en total. Below are four images I captured of my experience. Note: I thank the station and its staff and management for their cordiality and generosity and in particular to Dan Del Campo for his inviting us on his show today. 

I have always liked the radio station's art deco-esque architectural flavor. This view taken on my way into the station.
Santa Lucia Rockhounds past-president Richard Smithen waiting in the station lobby for our signal to head into the studio.
Dan Del Campo immediately prior to our live on-air interview.
Immediately following our interview Richard got out this contraption and confirmed that the stone in the diamond wedding ring of station secretary Mary is indeed the real thing. Green above the red means YES!
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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