Friday, September 7, 2012

Darker Repercussion

In the middle of the night (which it is right now where I'm typing this) is the perfect time for trance and progressive house, both being sub-genres of electronica or electronic dance music, This sort of music has been my musical passion since early 2001 when I first discovered it as the storm clouds of mental illness began to clear from my mind as noted HERE. For some reason the following two trance tracks, Brancaccio & Aisher's "Darker" (Sin@Dogstar.Mix) and Science Department's "Repercussion" (Funk Fuction's Future Mix), have really re-resonated with me of late. Indeed, so much so that I find myself listening to them over and over again quite often the past couple of weeks. 

Anywho, these two tracks appear in the order seen here on the album "Trance Nation America" by Ministry of Sound in Great Britain in 2000 (on the Jimmy Van M side). I purchased this album a year later and it was one of my musical mainstays of musically meditative medication as I came out of turbulent storm clouds of mental illness during that time that had begun to form during my senior year of high school in 1988. I had a fever and the only prescription was NOT more cowbell but more trance and progressive house!

Note: some would argue they are" progressive house" hence my mention of it here and in all fairness there is often some confusion by music afficionadoes of the difference between these two sub-genres that often overlap which is the cause of the confusion in the first place. Final note: the jacket for the aforementioned audio CD erroneously stated that the second song below (which is the 8th track on the CD) is Funk Fuction's Melody Mix when in fact it is their Future Mix of this track.

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