Friday, September 14, 2012

21st Annual Rockhound Roundup - Set-Up Day

Today was the set-up day for this year's 21st Annual Rockhound Roundup gem, mineral, fossil, and jewelry show at Pioneer Park and Pioneer Museum. Being the show's chairman this year it is my responsibility to oversee the general operation of this show and this gives me an entirely different perspective and show experience than I had before as solely a seller. I have come to realize that my experience acquired as a dealer has given me added insight and effectiveness as a chairman of a show.

This week we experienced an unprecedented number of cancellations for a variety of reasons, some of them our fault, some of them the dealer's fault and some of them both or neither's fault. any case we are 5-6 empty space short of full out of a total 33 (depending upon how one is counting) so that is potentially several hundred dollars we as a club are going to not collect from the show despite the fact our expenses for the show are going to be what they are regardless if we fill the show or not. Hopefully we will get some last-minute dealers showing up unannounced hoping to get into the show.

Below are some images I captured of today's sights and sounds over the course of the show's set-up day.
Our silent auction booth out in front of the Pioneer Museum in Paso Robles, CA.
These portable toilets went all day without being serviced and they desperately needed being serviced, too! All day they went unserviced and the thought that they might remain thus over the period of the show scared the shit out of me.
Some of our club signs awaiting being installed.
Our club's country store.
This material from the Blue Rabbit booth is unknown to me.
The southwest corner of the show venue looking back northeastward.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)

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