Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Scenes From a September Harvest

Early this morning my friend and former high school-mate Eva Kay Dow and I arrived at Kiler Canyon Farm in rural Paso Robles to participate in the weekly harvest in our roles as investor/subscribers in this wonderful CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Upon our arrival we noted that the regular crew was already busy at work meaning we had missed a little bit of the work. However, I doubt our presence was much missed during that span as it gave our gracious hosts a chance to work unimpeded sans having to shepherd Kay and I through and from task to task given we are both still nubes. I also noted this morning that since last I was here for the weekly harvest (a month ago) the sunrise is now notably later and there is now also a chill in the air at sunrise that was not present then. Kay and I had a hoot of a time as we did the time previous. What follows is a series of images I captured of the morning's activities and sights at the farm which are shown in the order I took them.  

The rising sun burning through what remained of the morning fog.
Kay tending her assigned section of a crop row.
I believe those are tomatoes.
Thatch is so much more charming than shade netting.
Nice example of crop rotation.
Kay and Chaponica harvesting.
A root cellar I assume.
Obviously I love oaks.
Something being dried I assume.
Outhouse or smokehouse?
Red and yellow
These are even more flavorful than the ones above!
The male component of today's gang at work in the packing house.
Mixed plantings are a great idea!
The farm is 100% off the grid!
The entire crew sans me (of course).
Quill risking his life checking that the tomatoes are safe to eat!
The two host families (both Trimmell) treat the weekly work crew to breakfast each harvest morning of the growing season. The food and company and general ambiance are warm and wonderful. 
The bread that issues forth from This-Oven-That-Quill-Built is manna from heaven... in particular, the rosemary and polenta for which I would gladly sell my birthright.
Kaleen, Chaponica, Rory, and Michael.
Kay and Chaponica.
Kaleen and Michael
Rory, Quill, Michael, and Kay.
Drying veggie bins stacked in a pyramid-configuration by moi: my very own Tower of Babble!
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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  1. Thanks Kim for that exciting tour through the farm! It has been a pleasure having both you and Kay. Your hard work, lively conversation, and obvious zest for fun have been a great addition to harvest mornings!