Monday, November 11, 2013

Galadriel's Prescient Prologue

Since first I heard it I have been haunted by it, to wit, Lady Galadriel's Prologue in the movie "The Fellowship of the Ring". Cate Blanchett who plays that character in all the Lord of the Rings movies does a fine job narrating this haunting and ominous and atmospheric movie prologue. To me it speaks to real life in this time and place as ominous things are afoot and darkness gathers in anticipation of being unleashed in the not-too-distant future. Within this speech are references to how much has changed and not for the better. It explains the why of it in the context of the movie. For our purposes that is not relevant as real-life inputs are causing the real life changes we are seeing but to which not all of us are paying heed. You can read part of these lines HERE.

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