Friday, November 15, 2013

Shawna Sommers Leads A Flight Of Gypsies

I decided to get out of my cage tonight and go to Camozzi's Saloon in Atascadero and see the East Bay Area hard rock band Gypsy Flight fronted by a cool gal named Shawna Sommers. She and I attended Atascadero High School in the Class of 1989, the coolest class at that school ever (or at any school ever). Anywho, bars and saloons are def not my preferred environment and their denizens are generally not my sort of people and tonight certainly reaffirmed that reality. Wine bars, wineries and breweries are a different matter entirely. However, I would not have missed this for anything. It's good to not only get out of one's cage as oft as possible but also to leave the safe confines of one's comfort zone and get one's soul and mind stretched just a tad. Gypsy Flight put on a great little show despite the piss-poor acoustics in the room which used to be a Rexall Drug store or similar. They more than made up for that with the power of their sound. Shawna did not disappoint us one iota as several of us from her class were in attendance. I certainly hope she and her cohorts find it worthwhile to come back down for another performance, hopefully in a different venue with better acoustics and more space for a larger crowd.

Note: I used a camera to which I am not especially familiar as my own camera has died and I have yet not acquired a replacement. Therefore, I did what I could with the machine I had in hand. Please view the blurriness and lighting limitations as characteristics intended for artistic effect.

All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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