Monday, November 11, 2013

More Than Held Together By Gravity

Back in the 2000's I was really into ambient music to go along with my love of other forms of electronica, particularly trance and what would later become known as electronic dance music (EDM). The past few years I have not been as much into ambient for whatever reason. However, just this past day I came across this amazing ambient track by the Swedish ambient outfit Carbon Based Lifeforms. This track sounds quite a bit like Brian Eno's "An Ending Ascent" which was featured here a couple of years ago. Both tracks give one goosebumps and the timelapse imagery in this video is so absolutely, breathtakingly, gorgeous one is tempted to weep at the utter and complete rapturous beauty of it all. We so live in such an amazing world. We need not dream of exploring exotic alien worlds: we live in one now! These scenes must be merely hors d'oeuvres relative to what sights and experiences await us beyond this life if we know Christ.

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