Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Top 10 Racist White Mascots

Lately there is a resurgence in the periodic political-correctness regarding school and/or team mascots due to some special interest group somewhere trying to make a self-righteous issue of a total non-issue in order to vainly validate themselves in their own imaginations. This has inspired me to honor the spirit of the Fighting Whities of the University of Northern Colorado and do another Top Ten List. This one is of (imaginary) team mascot names derived from non-white slurs and stereotypes of whites. For additional fun I added some regional chauvinism to my list by using mostly Southern or Southern-sounding location names. 
  1. The Georgia Crackers
  2.  The Pensacola Peckerwoods
  3. The Winston-Salem White Devils
  4. The Midland Mulletheads 
  5. The Birmingham Blue-eyed Devils
  6. The Huntsville Honkies
  7. The California Bleachboys
  8. The Oildale Okies
  9. The Gainesville Goobers
  10. The Wisconsin Cheeseheads

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