Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Wacky Kiler Canyon Wednesday

This morning I joined my Kiler Canyon Farm family for the weekly harvest after missing it last week. Below is a photographic record of today's harvest morning.

There are actually several people hidden in that amaranth in the middle distance...
...there were four to be exact.
The flowers were out in full force today.
I believe I am starting to fall in love with amaranth.
View back at the farm structures from the amaranth patch.
Dan, guest Randall, and Kaleen.
From left both farmers and guests alike: Genevive, Randall, Quill, Claire, Kaleen, and Chaponica.
The packing shed.
Partially-filled share baskets.
Now with carrot bunches added.
Salsa baskets
Dan putting the finishing touches on breakfast with Tequila conducting quality control operations from the floor.
Dan The Man around the time he said I was an easy mark... but forgot the man with the camera has the last word.
The harvest congregation congregating.
From left: Chaponica, Claire, Quill, Genevive, Elsie, and Kaleen.
Tequila being Tequila
Back to work after breakfast.
"Where we going next, Daddy?"
Getting the lids on at the end can get interesting given how much gets crammed in the share baskets.
Claire and Chaponica bringing baskets for Kaleen to load inside while I do nothing to help.
3/4th of the core crew from left: Kaleen, Chaponica, and Quill.
Tequila was all over the place today.
Basket case veggies were fed to the pigs....
... by guest Elsie.
This is the stud pig of the farm... and he knows it.
Three species here: porcines, bovines, and McNuggets.
Quill's legendary SideGlanceStinkEye.
Before today I had never seen a treehouse suspended by straps.
The harvest posse unwinding at the end.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).


  1. Aloha Folks, I used to get baskets of your yummy veggies at the house on Vine Street, and even came to a party up in Kiler canyon. Good memories from that time in my hometown~and I am very glad to see you succeeding today ! I am an Innkeeper at a B n B in San Luis, alas too far to come pick up veggies, but we do have a little farmer's market down here to tide me over. Best of Luck to Miss Chaponica and the Crew : ~ )

  2. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful enterprise. I wish I lived close enough to share in your bounty. I can feel it and smell it through the beautiful photos. Love to you all, Julia