Friday, August 1, 2014

Picture of the Day - Trio of 89'ers

Tonight I attended the whatevereth AHS All 80's Get Together at the gracious home of Fran and Julie Fernandez who opened their house to our Atascadero High School 1980's Classes alumni once again. This was my first year attending and I had a blast. I missed the previous ones due to forgetting or scheduling conflicts. This year I was extra motivated to go because I missed last Saturday's AHS Class of 1989 25th Anniversary Reunion at Big Bad Bubbas in Paso Robles as I was working that night. Tonight there were 8 people there from the AHS Class of 1989: Carla Smith, Chrissy Williams, Carla Nichols, Dwana Morris, Janelle Decker, Mike Cota, and myself. The images taken of all of us together were wonderfully posed but I erred on a camera setting and those were all worthless. I did get a good image here earlier on when I only knew these to great ladies were in attendance which has Carla Smith on my right and Chrissy Williams on my left.
Photo by Greg Heath with my camera (all rights reserved).

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