Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tecolote Fire From Dodger Stadium

Today I was in the strange position of being in attendance of my first ever Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game when a major wildfire broke out right in front of my in the distance in the San Gabriel Canyon area of the Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains of eastern Los Angeles County. The fire is called the Tecolote Incident and has burned hundreds of acres as of this blog posting. Below are some images I captured of the incident as it unfolded before me many dozens of miles to the east of my location. Check HERE for an account of the rest of my day's adventure.

Those clouds are NOT pyocumuluus clouds but were there before the fire began shortly before this image was taken.
It seemed serendipitous that this third-generation fire chaser would be situated facing the fire as it unfolded in the distance.
I'm still getting used to my telephoto lens and hence my slanted image orientation.
I'm using this image a second time as it shows the reason I was down there (Faith  Family Day) but also the fire which soon distracted me from a most forgettable game on the field.
The previous image above and this one and the ones following show a spot fire blow-up well away from the main firefront.
Unfortunately during this blow up which featured our first glimpse of pyrocumulus clouds from this fire, my group was trying to fight through the main crowd to get down to the field level for the religious service after the game. Thus, I was unable to get into position to get some really good images of this column and the clouds atop it.
Once settled in for the service I was able to get this image and the next one.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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