Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Cross To Otter Trip

This afternoon I joined my buddy Mike and his family on a drive over to the coast via Vineyard Road to Adelaida Road to Klau Mine Road to Cypress Mountain Road to Santa Rosa Creek Road. We then went up and checked our marine mammals near Point Piedras Blancas while failing to find any elk on the inland side of Highway One. We did manage to see Heart Ranch zebras but I did not take any images of them on this day. We then headed down to Morro Bay for dinner and afterwards headed home. On the way to dinner from the north coast we saw the spoutings of about 30-40 dolphins north of Morro Rock in three distinct podlets but I could not capture them on film as we were in transit. Before dinner we stopped by Morro Rock and we saw a large clan of sea otters.

Viewed from Cypress Mountain Road.
Elephant Seals at the rookery.
Humpback Whale off shore from the rookery.
Spouting from the same humpback whale.
Sea gull at Morro Rock parking lot.
Like two ships passing in the afternoon.
Iconic Morro Bay Power Station towers.
Sea otter + wave inside the Morro Bay Harbor where the rest of the following images were taken near Morro Rock.
Note the reflection in this image and the rest of the nearby three power plant towers.

All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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