Thursday, August 21, 2014

Triple Uma Shot Of Jameson First Shot

A short time ago I encountered the short film "The Gift" and was blown away by it's beauty and power, simplicity and brevity. I am struggling to learn the art of saying more with less... economy of words. Perhaps this explains my life-long interest with short stories... the authors of such can do so very well that to which I struggle so much. Twitter has been a useful training tool for me to my surprise. Probably for this same reason I also thoroughly enjoy short films provided they are well-done. Below are three amazing Jameson Irish Whiskey-promoting short films from the Jameson First Shot short film contest featuring the lovely and incomparable Uma Thurman, each done by a different director of no small talent and ability. I have them ranked in descending order of my personal preference.

Note: this Jameson promotion reminds me non-artistically but rather commercially of Smirnoff's 2006 Tea Partay rap videos. I wish more corporations supported such artistic endeavors regardless of the self-serving nature they serve for the corporation itself.

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