Sunday, September 4, 2016

Elmer Gantry Jr. Visited My Church Today

Today I walked out of church in disgust mid-sermon: my church had Elmer Gantry the Younger false teaching in front of my church family. We had Elmer Gantry the Elder as an assistant pastor a few years ago before we fired his ass. Somebody should have done as much research on he-whose-name-is-unworthy-of-mention-here and his heretical cult-like sect as I undertook tonight, before allowing him into our inner sanctum this morning. 

I "tried the spirits whether they be of God." I am skeptical of this fool's unsubstantiated claims about himself in regards to his alleged magical "healing powers." I was disgusted by his shameless self-promotion. I contemn his self-aggrandizing exaggerations about his education (he suggested he once could have demolished a particular critic in a theological throw-down but chose to take the high road when in fact his credentials are lightweight). I was appalled by his presumptuous, smarty, smarmy, glib, flippant, cocky demeanor and attitude. I experienced a violent lack of peace hearing his words and looking at his impudent face and body language. His own unsound doctrine was blatant to which Grandpa McGee back in the day would have skull-fucked him in a theological debate while I myself nowadays in such a situation would merely rip him a new asshole. Last but not least, the heretical tradition (a fringe pentecostal/charismatic healing cult) in which he has devoted himself should have excluded him from preaching in our church. 

Our church needs to do a better job of vetting who comes and talks to us. Or perhaps, I am in the wrong church.

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