Sunday, September 4, 2016

Two More Chimney Fire Videos

Tonight I found a couple of new (to me) fire videos from Day One of the Chimney Fire which recently burned in my area.

This first video (above) appears to be from the first hour or two of the fire from the looks of it which places it on Saturday, August 13, 2016. This is some great footage but it is woefully short. The second video (below) also is from Day One of the Chimney Fire. It is wonderfully long and shot from a great vantage point.

Unfortunately, the cameraman sucks as he heavily breathes and jabbers in the background and quite often jars the camera away from the fire or aircraft passing overhead or simply shakes jarringly. Then there is the annoying editing as scenes abruptly end and others begin in herky-jerky fashion. Then there is the oddball 21-minute gallery slide show following 12 minutes of actual video. WTF? As much as I love much of this video (first 12 minutes) I frequently want to yell at the cameraman to shut the hell up and hold the fuck still and breath silently or stop breathing.

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