Friday, September 16, 2016

Seawatching and Waiting

I am haunted by the poem displayed during the moody and brooding prelude segment of this Danish DeejayValentin-remixed progressive house track "Seawatcher" by Canadian artist Lessov (Kevin MacInnis). I desperately want to know the title and author of this work, but I am unable to find this informatino anywhere on the Internet thus far. If anybody can help me please chime in. I find the story hauntingly heart-wrenching, yet beautiful. I feel like there is something from this story essential to my character. Am I waiting for something that will never come and will have my heart broken?
*UPDATE: by this evening, a friend directed me to the answer to my question as author and title. Please read "Watching A Sea Story."

She stood alone on the wild sea shore 
Her Lover far away. 
Yet she watched and waited for his return 
Patiently day by day. 
O'er brow so fair 
Her soft dark hair 
Was tossed by the wind so wild 
And, her eyes so blue 
Scanned the Ocean's blue 
The year passed by, her soft dark eye 
Grew dim with watching long. 
Yet her heart's pure will was constant still, 
And her maiden love as strong. 
But she faded fast, and she died at last, 
Her watching all in vain. 
From the distant strand of a foreign land 
Her lover never came again.

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