Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Bizarre" Video by Taucher

I would love to see a translation of what the cult leader in this video speaks in French. I welcome anybody thus doing so to post it in the comments below this video by German trance artist Taucher.


  1. The words are a French dialect from the West Indies, Kimmer. A patois (nonstandard speech usually used by the common folk), if you will. Here's the translation:

    These things are not strange--
    Have you seen your little boy?
    He has 11 fingers.
    It's bizarre!
    It scratches me somewhere...

    Money, no, it's bizarre.
    And the girl that watches me is ugly.
    We should have kicked her when she was young.
    The poor thing,
    Without doing it on purpose,
    We gave a punch in the face.
    It's bizarre!

    Never go on vacation...
    He likes men, too.
    Ha!--How bizarre!