Thursday, April 5, 2012

Picture of the Day - Kiler Canyon Farm Basket

Today I belatedly picked up my first allotment of the year of vegetables and herbs from Kiler Canyon Farm CSA.  I live next door to their Paso Robles drop house which is terribly convenient for me. Due to a misunderstanding I was two days late in picking up my half-bushel basket of mixed herbs and vegetables. No matter, they rested in cool splendor in the little shed they are left in for subscribers to pick up. At least I was not the only one tardy in picking up their baskets as two others were sitting there when I left with mine this afternoon. Even the half-bushel basket (the smallest quantity one can subscribe to at Kiler Canyon Farms) is much more than I can consume in a week (the subscriptions are weekly full-bushel or half-bushel baskets) so I am splitting my subscription with my friend Daniel "Daniel-san" Lewis.

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