Saturday, April 28, 2012

My First Ever Visit to Newport Pier

This fine morning we had some time to burn before our show started for the day. Therefore, Dave drove us down to Newport Beach, CA, and we visited the Newport Pier and drank in the Southern California climate and culture. The following images are what I witnessed. Two wonderful things I observed but was unable to capture on film to my satisfaction was a rather vociferous and boisterous sea lion hanging out around the pier trying to steal fish from fishermen and the three separate pods of dolphins visible from the pier. After this experience my attitude about living in Orange County softened quite a bit from its decidedly negative feeling. Parts of SoCal are still quite wonderful to visit and even reside despite all the changes in recent decades.
Be sure to check out what I did this evening HERE.

How quintessentially Southern California beach town-ish!
The approach to the Newport Pier.
Lots of little waves but not a lot of big ones.
Newport Pier Grill & Sushi at pier's end.
Great white shark buffet table. 

My heart pumped peanut butter seeing all the Mexican fan palms... and sand!
Down the coast to south beyond the distant hills is Laguna Beach.
The mountain range in the distance to the left is the Santa Ana Mountains.
Newport Pier looking back towards land..
Newport Pier
Idyllic SoCal beach scene.
Laguna Hills beckon from down the coast.
Cool city seal!
A green ball of Newport Beach history.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).


  1. one of my favorite hang outs for years from High school on... Actually use to be great fishing for a pier...

    1. From the looks of all the fishing going on there the day I visited it must still be a great fishing pier.