Monday, April 30, 2012

Rock Photography Set VI

Here is my latest installment of my ongoing Rock Photography series taken this past weekend at the Costa Mesa Gem Faire in David Richter's Rocks & Relics booth.

Quartz crystals from the Coleman Mines in Arkansas.
Fluorite octahedrons from China.
Brazilian "singing" quartz crystals.
Fossil fish from Green River Formation in Wyoming.
Arkansas quartz crystal.
Brazilian amethyst.
Green River Formation fossilized fish tail detail.
Tampa Bay agatized coral.
Creedite from Mexico.
Druzy quartz stalactite within Tampa Bay agatized coral.
Oreodont skull from South Dakota.
Brazilian polished quartz crystals.
Fossil tortoise from South Dakota.
Partially-polished quartz crystal from Brazil.
Washington petrified wood slabs.
Green and brown calcite from Mexico.
Modern arrowhead replicas from Indian stone material worked in India.
Rose quartz from Brazil.
Orange calcite from Mexico.
Septarian nodules from Madagascar.
Massive quartz crystal cluster from Coleman Mines in Arkansas.
Amazonite from Brazil.
Snakeskin Agate from Idaho.
Tangerine quartz from Brazil.
Ammolite ammonites from Madagascar.
Rose quartz from Madagascar.
Green chalcedony (chrysoprase) from Australia.
Smokey quartz from Brazil.
Another oreodont skull from South Dakota.
Massive quartz crystal from Coleman Mines in Arkansas.
Rough adventurine from Brazil.
Augilite from Salina, Utah.
Fossil coral
Prehistoric arrowheads from the deserts of Morocco.
Pink fluorite from Mexico.
Ammonite from Madagascar.
Quartz from Madagascar.
Ammonite from Madagascar.
Native copper from Michigan.
Fossil whale tooth from Northern Florida.
Merely two of the many different colors of the mineral fluorite.
Artificially-irradiated Arkansas quartz cystals from the Coleman Mines.
More massive Arkansas quartz crystals.
Chevron amethyst from Mexico.
Druzy quartz atop boytroidal chalcedony.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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