Friday, June 7, 2013

A Tank's Death From Two Perspectives

It seems tonight is tank death night on Eclectic Arcania. While researching details of the previous tank death story I found this video sequence from the current Syrian Civil War taken earlier this year. It is "dash-cam" footage or rather, armored personnel carrier and tank turret footage from a Syrian Government armored mechanized forces' offensive operation in the Damascus suburb of Darayya. There, they clash with rebel forces whom are utilizing urban warfare techniques sans any heavy weapons. We see footage of the death of a Syrian Government T-72 tank (at least that is what it is identified as by various different sources) as viewed from the aforementioned type of film. We also see spliced into this mostly government footage near unto the end the same tank being hit but from the perspective of the Syrian rebels whom killed that tank and its three-man crew. Fascinating (to the point of mesmerizing) stuff and there is nothing graphically gruesome for those of you who are squeamish and like to be forewarned. Note: I have now seen quite a bit of Syrian Civil War battle footage. It seems the rebels are always Al Akbar-ing after every damned thing they do that works out from blowing up an occasional tank to downing an occasional chopper or jet. Something tells me they need to leave God out of this unholy business.

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