Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Vina Robles Orientation

Late this morning into the middle part of this afternoon the new employees of Vina Robles Amphitheater in Paso Robles, CA, were given our orientation of the nearly-completed facility and a general overview of procedures and protocols. We also found out what each of us will start out doing (usher/ticket taker for me and I couldn't be happier) although ultimately they want all of us in guest services to be cross-trained in the other duties to maximize our effectiveness.

We were also introduced to the men and women running the operation. I was excited about this opportunity before today but I'm exponentially more excited about it now. This is a service to the community in which I believe strongly and service to community is high on my list of priorities in life generally be it volunteering with CERT or volunteer work with the local rockhound clubs promoting Earth Sciences or volunteering in my church home or now in working my heart out for hire at Vina Robles Amphitheater.

The managerial staff are top-notch people possessing character and class and whom are lovers of music first and foremost. This venue will provide a cultural service to our community in filling a music venue void running from San Jose to Santa Barbara. It will also serve to promote the Central Coast to these entertainers as well as our non-local guests. I was humbled and grateful to get this job not to mention quite excited but following the events of today I feel like a child whom can hardly wait until opening Christmas gifts in regards to my excitement about and belief in this project.

Our first event is a "soft-opening" of a free concert featuring four local music acts/bands this Saturday, June 22nd which will allow us to take this operation on a shakedown cruise to work out procedures and work out the kinds in the system and experience a live training session with a real guest crowd. Free tickets will be given how via a variety of means including through us the new employees of Vina Robles Amphitheater.

Stage structure nearing completion with a view of the inner seating sections (100 & 200).
Partial or complete view of all of the 100 seating section, 200 seating section, box seat ring, and the lawn general admission seating ring with the house left plaza section visible as well.
The new employees walking back from a tour of the amphitheater.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).


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  2. Dear Anonymous,

    First off, you need to know English and not use a translator program so your diction is not confused and awkward and your comments come across not making much sense.

    Secondly, you really should be sober when posting on my blog or else you end up making a fool out of yourself as you did here.

    Short of either or both of those things being in order you probably need to shut the hell up.

  3. Hello Kim,
    i hope you will let us know what bands come and play..sounds like a really nice endeavor here. And it is a very pretty venue. Allison