Saturday, June 8, 2013

Tour of Paso Robles Fire Station #1

Today following finishing my CERT course at Paso Robles Fire Station #1 I had the privilege of touring the fire station while our class waited for the celebratory barbecue to be served. I can't express adequately how impressed I was with the men of Shift B and their helpfulness and generosity today in the final class exercises and in this tour. I also thank the gentleman from the other shifts whom came and talked to us in class over the previous three weeks of our CERT training course. Below is what I observed during the tour.

Truck 8141 with its 105-foot extendable ladder which we saw in action yesterday in Atascadero as seen on this blog.
This trailer is filled with backboards and gauze and the like.
Engine 8191
Engine 8192
Full view of Truck 8141
The locker room
The hose room
There is a heavy emphasis on history at this fire house which is a de facto local fire museum.
The 2003 M6.5 San Simeon Earthquake is the most famous disaster in Paso Robles history which killed two residents downtown. Who living in this area at the time can't remember where they were and what they were doing when this occurred?
This and the following uncaptioned images below all show scenes from the aftermath of the aforementioned San Simeon Earthquake.

I well remember this memorable fire. Who could forget who was alive and here then?
I remember scenes like this for the week the Highway 58 fire raged across 106, 668 acres in the middle of August, 1996.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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