Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rock Photography Set XIII

This past weekend I had the honor and privilege of participating in the 53rd Annual Cayucos Gem & Mineral Show. While there are Sunday morning while the day was typically slow in starting at Sunday's are oft wont to do I had the time and opportunity to take some images for a thirteenth installment of my Rock Photography series. I prefer natural light in my photographs so I use artificial light sparingly which in some images might frustrate some but that is how I roll.

For a peak at last weekend's show please check out Day Three and from their link through to the other days of the show.

The vertical component of Cameron's booth.
Fine orange twin double-terminated dogtooth calcite from Elmwood Mine, Smith Co., Tennessee.
Amazonite with smoky quartz from Ethopia.
Amethyst with chalcedony geode.
Quartz with rutile inclusions.
Calcite both orange/red as well as blue calcite.
Mexican orange calcite sphere with Argentine rhodochrosite egg.
Argentine rhodochrosite egg with Mexican orange calcite egg.
Big Sur jade pebbles collected by the late Ernie Porter.
Earrings made of matching Elmwood sphalerite and fluorite specimens.
Genuine and original Canadian ammolite.
Various opals both boulder opal and otherwise.
Exquisite agate geode with druzy quartz interior coating.
Afghan aquamarine crystal with natural termination.
Copper "splash" art pieces.
Smoky quartz "elestial" crystals.
"Spirit" or "cactus" quartz from South Africa.
Azurite and malachite and azure-malachite.
Galena with quartz.
Realgar and orpiment on galena.
Galena with realgar and quartz.
Realgar on quartz and pyrite.
Realgar and orpiment.
Galena with quartz.
Celestite from Madagascar.
Emerald in quartz.
Calcite on sphalerite from Elmwood Mine, Smith Co., Tennessee.
Moroccan vanadinite at top.
Rutilated smoky quartz crystals.
Tiger eye with black onyx necklace by Keith Olivas.
Chrysocolla with magnetized hematite bracelet by Josie.
Exquisite glass orb on faux gold stand.
Carved black jade pendants by Keith Olivas.
Viking Knit wire jewelry with Indonesian fossilized coral pendant all by Bev Brown.
Fossilized dinosaur bone wirewrapped pendant by Bev Brown.
Wirewrapped tiger iron pendant by Bev Brown.
Fluorite octahedrons from China.
Quartz crystal cluster.
Pyrite with druzy quartz.
Emerald in quartz.
Fluorite on sphalerite from Elmwood Mine, Smith Co., Tennessee.
Pyrite with chalcopyrite.
Pyrite cube
Spodumene variation kunzite.
Rare purple halite
Various silicon dioxide running the gamut from rock crystal to amethyst to rutilated to Moldavite tektite.
Amazonite, calcite and quartz.
Rutilated quartz.
Jade carving
Carved jade sculpture.
Crazy-laced agate pendant
Blue-green jade from the Big Sur Coast
Rough-looking botryoidal jade from the Big Sur Coast.
Mike Lyon's-discovered beach-tumbled split jade cobble found by him recently and near unto each other.
All images by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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