Monday, June 10, 2013

Hathaway Fire Timelapse - Day One

Yesterday into today, Ben Brissey of captured the following time-lapse movie of a day in the life of the San Bernardino Mountains featuring high clouds moving in from the south and headed northward over the area as well as the smoke from the Hathaway Fire burning over on the other side (south side) of San Gorgonio Mountain from his vantage point to the north. During the time frame covered by this video the fire spread across 1,500 acres of mostly rugged Southern California mountainscape with 15% containment being achieved by suppression efforts by video's end. The video sequence continues throughout the night with occasional flare-ups of the fire as expressed in puffs of smoke and glow upon them from below. One can also see the rotation of the Earth as expressed through the motion of the stars. Way cool stuff!

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