Sunday, March 30, 2014

Treasure-Hunting With The Santa Lucia Rockhounds

Earlier this month the Santa Lucia Rockhounds met for its monthly general meeting in our new meeting place at the Templeton Community Center for only the third time since we began meeting there at the start of this year. Below are some images I captured of the people and activities that occurred that evening. Esteemed member Wayne Mills gave a presentation on metal detecting and treasure hunting given his dual membership in this club and the Central Coast Treasure Hunters Association.

Cliff Brewen (with his spheres), Laurie Wylie and Galen Moyer chat about rocks while the new guy in the green shirt whose name escapes me show some of his artifactual finds.
Dave "Pokerface" Nelson manning the club merch table. Don't mess with this guy: buy a cap or something!
Membership guru Lisa "Cheshire Cat" King challenging me to a staring contest.
Mike "50-50" Judy has yet to successfully induce me to purchase a single drawing ticket.
Past President and current "everything else" Barbara Bilyeu optimistically trying to sell some Rock'n'Gem & Lapidary Journal magazines.
Bob Baker showing off all his Clear Creek besties in light of the fact that locality recently reopened.
Bob Baker's Clear Creek cabachons.
Frank Imhoof (red shirt) suddenly realizes that all the guys in the room wearing blue shirts are also sporting bellies underneath (that includes this photographer and writer).
A vote in regards to if I am doing a good job as Vice President of Programs... okay, not really.
This facility is definitely an upgrade from our previous meeting place which we outgrew and was not as centrally-located.
Wayne Mills begins his Powerpoint presentation.
That is variscite on Wayne's throat.

Wayne showing the audience of the basic tools of the metal detecting trade.
Rings Wayne has found to date.
Just part of Wayne's collection of discoveries from his metal detecting pursuit.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved).

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