Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cool Cab Collection

While helping in the Showcase International booth of my late friend Steve Shears this weekend I had the distinct privilege of viewing the very cool cabachon collection of Carmel Valley Gem & Mineral Society member Matt Biewer. Below are images of elements of  this highly informative display. I learned quite a few things from it.

This is but one part of the entire cabachon collection.
Example of one case of the many that comprise this collection.

My camera had issues with the tint of this scene.

A childhood favorite of mine.

I had no idea the Calico Mountains had decent sagenitic agate.

Great agate in Iowa: who knew?
I had no idea this material was found in California's Gold Country.

Agate in Alabama? That's news to me!

I think it's fair to say it was not Indians who named this "Appaloosa Agate".
I had no idea anything pretty came from Bakersfield, CA.
This is from up on the Big Sur Coast where the most famous California jade originates.
California's most famous jasper.
This is from near where the poppy jasper originates.
This is one of my holy grails of rockhounding at the moment. I would LOVE to find some!
Myrickite is a silicated cinnabar.
This is "gem silica" I believe.
Pricy but pretty.
Somewhat reminds me of the opal found in a rare breed of Oregon thunderegg.
I used to collect this stuff as a kid so this stuff is special to me.
I already own some of this from Madagascar but hope to score some Canadian as well.
I had heard of jade from this area but now I finally got to see some.
This is from a famous find in the 1990's when metal detectors saved the mine from closure.
Never knew until now these two could combine so.
This is from the very first mercury mine in the New World.
I had no idea temolite came from this locale... or could look so nice.
This is from further north up in Placer Co. and is even prettier.
This is yet another find from the Big Sur Coast in the jade-hunting zone.
The number 7 keeps coming up for some reason.
Beautiful but never heard of it.
Arizona petrified wood is the prettiest on Earth.

Another notably fine piece.

Petrified wood in the East Bay? Who knew?
I have to find me some of this!
I love this material but this is the first cab of it I have seen.
From Iowa of all places...
How do we know is it fossilized algae?
How do we know this is bog wood?
I had no idea this material came from the famous Pala pegmetites.

Petrified dinosaur bone.
Petrified dinosaur bone.
Petrified dinosaur bone.
Petrified dinosaur bone.
Petrified dinosaur bone.
All photos by Kim Patrick Noyes (all rights reserved)