Saturday, December 26, 2015

Nocturnal Texas Tornado

Today there was yet another unseasonable tornado outbreak in the eastern U.S., this time in the Dallas Metroplex. Worst hit were Garland, TX, and Rowlett, TX. I am familiar with both communities having driven through or near them in April, 2002. Eleven* people were killed this afternoon into this evening in these communities and environs. My mother's mother's family comes from Rockwall, TX, which was just east of Rowlett, TX. Below are some dramatic images taken variously from Rockwall or Rowlett, TX, and environs, generally looking west and south. Tornadoes at night are the most dangerous type. Also, it is noteworthy that this was a long-track supercell thunderstorm unusual for any time of year let alone the day after Christmas.
*Updated 12/27/15 at 9:10 p.m.

Rowlett, TX, tornado. Photo by Kathy Turner (all rights reserved).
City of Rowlett, TX, water tower + tornado + lightning bolt. Photo by Ian Bentley (all rights reserved).
This image is taken from Lake Ray Hubbard on the Rockwall, TX, side (east side) looking west over the lake at West Rockwall and Rowlett, TX, as tornado translates left to right across the field of view of this image. Note traffic traversing highway at right which crosses the lake surface. Note power flashes behind tornado. Photo credit unknown (all rights reserved).

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