Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Shooting Stars Finds New Life

The first segment of "Shooting Stars" released by Aussie electronica band Bag Raiders in 2009 has only come to my attention in the past month or so as the musical accompaniment to various internet memes. Tonight I finally found out the name of the tune and who produced it. I'm fairly certain this song was nowhere nearly as popular in 2009 as it is now and that largely due to the lack of exposure to an otherwise timelessly good tune. The video features more than one surprisingly traditional and wholesome moral lessons (one celebrating homosocial friendship and the other celebrating monogamous heterosexual relationships as juxtaposed with man-whoring which is presented early on as unsatisfying) despite the apparently inferred promiscuous early scene in the apartment bedroom. This is reinforced when the two male friends enter a club and see all sorts of women but find them undesirable as they all hide their true faces behind masks which is obviously a metaphor. They find true love only after disaster strikes and the world collapses around them and they are reunited with two women they saw at the club whose true faces are now revealed to them to be beautiful and wholesome. Aside from loving the sound and beat of this track, I love the dreamy atmosphere of this video which reminds me of Alan Parson's Project's "Don't Answer Me". 

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