Friday, March 30, 2018

Picture of the Day - Marlyn Moonroe

Today I felt lost with what's happening in my family and needed to reboot my mind by leaving town and heading south to San Luis Obispo for a couple of hours. I had my breakfast/lunch/dinner combo in the form of the sampler plate at Mo's Barbecue Steakhouse, my first such visit. I also visited BooBoo Records and Phoenix Books, although I purchased nothing. On my walk back to my car as I passed along the south side of the SLO REP, I espied one of the Cow Parade cow statues on permanent display. I do not recall seeing this one before which made it an added treat. As some of you may or may not recall, I worked both the public display event for the Cow Parade at the Madonna Inn in September, 2016, and the private auction of the cow statues at Oyster Ridge Barn outside Santa Margarita.

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