Sunday, May 6, 2018

R.I.P. Krautchan

I discovered the chans several years ago, coming to the party rather late in the game. I've never posted even once on any chan, forever a lurker. I found them to be a veritable gold mine of fresh memes (I refuse to call them "dank") and even older memes which I'd somehow missed. One of my faves was the late Krautchan (oft-referred to as "KC" by fans), a German language image board. Having never posted there let alone shitposted, I don't qualify as an authentic "Bernd", the honorary title of all "anons" (anonymous posters) there. Earlier this year Krautchan was finally killed off (closed down by the host nation) once and for all by the uber-PC SJW German guberment. This followed repeated shut-downs previously due to racially-themed un-PC shitposting there. Each time it reemerged from sanctions such as its near-death experience in 2016 for which the above image macro refers. Alas, poor Krautchan, I hardly knew ye!

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