Wednesday, June 19, 2019

My KFI Morning

So this morning I awoke still being sick albeit a bit better but still not feeling well. I ambled into my little living room and checked the Internet to see what was going on. To my surprise, my protestations yesterday HERE along with my scannerhead cohorts regarding Orange County beginning encryption this week of all its public safety radio communications apparently grabbed the interest of the newsmedia who follow us and also themselves monitor the scanner. There concern, as is our's, is that encrypting public safety radio communications threatens public safety in an ironic twist. By public safety radio traffic being encrypted, not only the public can't listen in on it themselves, but neither can the newsmedia nor scannerheads like us who parse it out and translate it into meaningful information for the public and combine it with other sources of information like other citizen's tweets and webcam images and so forth to create accurate and timely information which is vitally useful to folks living in areas under threat during disasters in California. This was incontrovertibly proved last November in the Camp Fire in Butte County as Paradise and environs was destroyed and 85 people were killed. Many local citizens thanked the scannerhead community for their service helping them to leave when they did by our public postings on Twitter. Anywho, I digress, at about this time I also got a phone call from La Habra from a number I did not recognize and ignored it. Then it texted me and said it was Corbin Carson with KFI-AM Los Angeles wanting to talk to me about this controversy. I initially balked as I did not feel well and felt others in my cohort would be better spokespersons. However, unable to contact them I jumped in and stood in the gap. Below is what resulted.
*Follow-up Footnote: We Won!

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