Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Train Of Training

This week I will receive an email providing me with information about the upcoming orientation at Vina Robles for the new hires at their new amphitheater complex. This Thursday evening I'll be starting my C.E.R.T. training and this Saturday I'll be taking a six-hour CPR & First Aid class at the 911 Supply Store here in town in order to re-up my Red Cross certification for those skills since two years has passed since I initially earned those certifications. God knows I need marketable skills so I'll pick them up anywhere and anyway I can get them. In the case of the above skills they relate to subjects I already find interesting to begin with and had long-dreamed of acquiring while my segue into the local wine industry (in a manner of speaking) has been something I've been plotting for at least a couple of years now. Add to that the fact I have been working gem, mineral, and jewelry show since 2006 and picked up a skill set relating to events and consequently I feel ready for whatever I experience at Vina Robles upcoming amphitheater events.

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