Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ghost Flight

While getting caught up in one of my periodic Youtube search birdwalks wherein I forget what I visited the site for and drift off following one link after the other getting further off-track from my original intent I found this haunting video. It is consists of the final several minutes of two men's lives. During that ephemeral flight they enjoy a scenic sightseeing air tour of the Rocky Mountains in a Cessna L-19. Due to pilot error they got into a situation with the terrain in which they didn't have room to turn around as the mountains before them kept rising in altitude. At the end of their dramatic emergency 180-degree right turn which begins at about the 6:20 mark in the video they stalled thrice and dove into the trees to their deaths rolling upside down as the video violently ends. The flight went missing for three years until hikers found the wreckage with the VHS cassette contained therein and undamaged by either the crash or the elements surprisingly enough.
For more info on this crash read its NTSB report.


  1. Sad...You just never know when the last moment is here. Allison