Saturday, May 18, 2013

California Disasters Group 6 Years Later

California Disasters Group Icon/Logo/Avatar entitled "Central Theatre, on Market at 8th Street, in flames" from the SF public library historical photos collection.
California Disasters was conceived by me six years ago this very day while I was driving eastbound on Highway 58 in the Tehachipi area en route to Arizona/New Mexico. I called up my then-girlfriend and asked her to set up the Yahoo group while I was out of town which she did quite effectively and here it still stands today with over 1400 members.

We have been through a lot of disasters together, mostly wildfires but also some earthquakes and tornadoes and tsunamis and flash floods and other things as well. We have seen posted here and in some cases even discussed a lot of interesting discoveries about past hazards and likewise regarding some future hazards. We have endured our fair share of occasional drama as with any group. Despite Yahoo! Groups' losing market share from where it was six years ago here we still are going strong.

In acknowledgement of and response to the perpetually changing environment of the internet and society at large we have now expanded into Facebook, Linkedin, and Reddit. Below are links to each version of the group and everybody is encouraged and invited to any one ore more of them.

California Disasters on Yahoo Groups

California Disasters on Facebook

California Disasters on Linkedin

California Disasters on Reddit

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  1. Congratulations on the 6 years and thank you for all the articles, photos, and videos ~!