Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ghosts Aren't Dead ~ They're Displaced

Tonight I responded on Facebook to a thread about an acquaintance experiencing an old haunted government building and all the weird things people who work there have experienced over the years. That conversation thread got me thinking about the topic of places being "haunted" and I felt inspired to comment there thus:

I love old historic well-storied buildings myself and there are both falsely and genuinely haunted places. What haunts them are not dead people because dead people are gone from here forever. However, things not physically rooted or manifested here which used to possess an abiding presence with their Creator and were once bathed in His glory, since rebelled and were forever banished from that abode. In many cases these creatures tend to haunt/manifest themselves in places where things of interest to them occurred and/or are occurring or perhaps linger in places where things happened in which they played and/or continue to play a mischievous if not at times downright malevolent role. These things they do because they hate us because we are created and loved by that from whence they rebelled and hate, and we possess many things they can never know or have and thus envy.


  1. I've been a student of the supernatural from a very early age and I'm convinced that what ghost hunters experience is not the lingering ghosts of the departed, but demons who imitate those departed from us. They watch us constantly. They study us. And they know what to do to manipulate us. UNLESS... one knows what they are and why they do it. After all, they're here to deflect us from the true purpose of our lives any way they can.

    Not only do they imitate the dead, but they come to us in the form of materialism, anger, lust, and hate. They intend to incite us to do harm or ill because, again, it is a deflection from the good and purposes of God.

    I use what equipment I have to discern spirits, but I don't for one minute believe they are what they intimate that they are. In short, finding them where they can do the most harm, I then pray them away and invoke the sacred name of Jesus.

    Sounds crazy, I know, but again, I've spent years investigating and reading and learning. IF people refuse to believe that there is true evil apparent in the world, then they set themselves up to be the fool of the damned. And there's nothing I can do about that other than to pray for such individuals... that their moment of true grace is not refused because of their preoccupation with false spirits.

    Whew. That was a mouthful.

    1. NO, it does not sound crazy and we are in 100% agreement upon these things. Thanks for chiming in and adding to my post and creating the start of a thread here... hopefully others will add input or if not that's what is supposed to happen.