Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cal Poly Next Time

For those of you wondering about my decision regarding enrolling at Cal Poly SLO this Fall, I had no peace about heading to SLO this year and starting my university experience. That fact alone is all that matters above all intellectualizing and rationalizing. I serve the Lord Christ and it is incumbent upon me to follow instructions diligently and faithfully. If I was supposed to have gone this year I would have known it in my gut and in my heart and had great peace about it.... but I did not. At the outset I was flabbergasted I was accepted given that I was short a math class. Also, I was flattered to no small degree that I was approved to attend.

However, God has something else planned for me... even if merely to reapply to Cal Poly the academic year following. My understanding at present of God's plan for me is that I am to take two more semesters at Cuesta College. Financial aid in the form of Pell Grants and BOG Waivers will be available to me through those two semesters... as well as beyond (I have used less than half of my lifetime FAFSA alotment). This will make the remaining transferable units I can take there before transferring to a university significantly less expensive... actually free... to me. This will allow me to delay getting into debt by way of student loans until I transfer to university in two years all the while getting stuff done for free (to me) that I would otherwise being paying beau coup bucks for over the course of many years. That being said, I do not believe financial aid is the primary factor for why I am to follow this course. There are undoubtedly deeper and more profound principles and factors at play here which will reveal themselves over time.

For those of you who feel I should have accepted the Cal Poly offer I assure you that this is the correct course for me at this time. My desire at present (for what it is worth) is to reapply to Cal Poly for Fall 2014. However, unlike this last time, next time reach out to the history department literati and introduce myself to them and get them on my side. After that I'd like to see what they can do to increase my probabilities of getting into Cal Poly the year following by way of letters of commendation from my Cuesta history professors and by way of strings being pulled at Cal Poly on my behalf (Cal Poly).

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