Thursday, February 19, 2009

Templeton Rockhounding Tomorrow Follow-Up

Today I visited the recently disked field adjacent to and north of the Templeton CHP office.
I went with "JJ" Jeffrey James and although his health limited how long we could be there to just about an hour or less we did find some petrified whalebone as well as some agatey biconoid fragments.

Close-up of a vertebra that was split in half lengthwise.

All three of the pieces I found today.

I only did a fraction of the hunting that I'd like to do and plan to go back as soon as I can before the grain starting to sprout in the field becomes an issue; anybody want to join me?



  1. You HAD to ask? Sheesh.. Krissa!!!!


  2. I'm interested in finding shark's teeth with my 8 year old son. Does anyone know of a good place to do so? I'm in N. County, but willing to travel.

  3. Ant Hill in Bakersfield.
    We have a few blogs on that you can read here under that Label title.