Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Of Trance & Air Raid Sirens

I have always been haunted by the sound of air sirens since I was a Cold War child in the 1970's living in the LA Basin. Sometimes I would hear them when they would accidentally go off. In other instances I would hear them in a World War II movie as London got blitzed or in whatever other context of that war was being portrayed. That coupled with my lifelong intellectual/emotional connection to end-of-civilization types of themes has caused the sound of air raid sirens to hold a perpetual and powerful draw on me.

I fell in love with electronica and its trance variation a decade ago as I explained HERE. I found a trance track a few years ago on Tiesto's Magic One: First Flight album that combines both my air raid siren interest and my trance interest. The track is entitled "Back On Earth" by Voyager and utilizes near the beginning and ending the sound of an air raid siren. The way it is mixed creates a  hauntingly beautiful and yet mournful and melancholy effect which I love.

Update (as of 01/27/15): I posted another track from the same album tonight in "Lock Into The Sun."

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