Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eclectic Arcania Has A New Look!

The breaking of spring and the start of my spring break, the end of winter and my winter quarter, as well as my continued evolution as a man, led to the transformation of the appearance of this blog this past day. It had ceased to reflect my personality at present resulting in the changes. The centerpiece change is the background above which is not an actual photograph. Rather, it is a graphic image often erroneously shared across the internet falsely labeled as an image of a solar eclipse as viewed from the International Space Station. The image came to my attention in recent days falsely attributed to the recent solar eclipse in Europe, Asia, and the Mediterranean Basin. Soon after seeing it I realized I wanted it here as my background and so it is. There have also been other changes to the header and footer, cartouche at the bottom of each post,  and column configuration. These changes should make this blog easier on the eyes when reading. Special thanks to my sis Linsis for technical assistance. Image courtesy of A4Size-ska/DeviantArt (all rights reserved).

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